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by SDSoccer at 10:22 PM
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The Futbol Factory End of Year Tournament written by: judex77


One great achievement of the Futbol Factory is the awesome end of year tournament put together to assist and thank its members. For those of you who do not know, the Futbol Factory has been helping newbie, intermediate, veteran and even semi-professional players to discover their talents. Its programs are designed to help soccer players at all levels to realize their goals. The Futbol Factory has made it a fun affair for people willing and striving to become stars in our present day of great opportunities in the world of soccer.


One amazing feature of the tournament is that beginners and young players were teamed up with experienced, older players. This atmosphere encouraged mentoring by the older players to teach the younger players. The games were well organized and intense. One might have expected the young ones to become intimidated by the older players. On the contrary, it seemed to raise their level of play. On this note, the Futbol Factory encourages everyone to put in their best. It is these types of events that will help players to discover their skills quickly and easily.


Even if you are just starting out as a newbie, these events will provide an encouraging spirit to try harder. This awesome tournament put together by the Futbol Factory was in...
by SDSoccer at 8:24 AM
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American Youth Soccer Organization - The Clash Of The Titans written by: judex77

The American Youth Soccer Organization is happy to present to you the clash of the titans. This is an interesting match between the undefeated AYSO White Snowflakes vs. AYSO Pink Pandas. However, its was fun watching the little girls play.
As the lineup check happened in the semi-circle of the field, both teams were happy meeting each other for supremacy. The center referee blew his whistle and the battle started. AYSO White Snowflakes had several chances at the early start of the game, but AYSO Pink Pandas averted all to maintain its stand in the battle. Surprisingly, the only opportunity AYSO Pink Pandas had in the 40th minute was converted in the first goal of the match. With a struggle to keep the game pressure, the match ended 1-0 in favor of AYSO Pink Pandas.
DSC_0076.JPG DSC_0077.JPG DSC_0078.JPG

The second half starts with a new game plan from AYSO White Snowflakes, but AYSO Pink Pandas mention, we are ready for the fight. Technically, AYSO White Snowflakes break through the defense of its opponent and made it their first goal. Quickly the ball was redirected at the center and the pressure continues to mount on the undefeated side of AYSO Pink Pandas. The pressure continued for 10 minutes and the second goal came from AYSO White Snowflakes. Just about 12 minutes to end the match, AYSO Pink Pandas had a penalty that...
by SDSoccer at 8:00 PM
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Rebels 3 vs Hotspurs USA 1 written by: judex77

San Diego Soccer Talk presents a great and amazing match between the Rebels vs Hotspurs USA. The day is cool and every spectator is excited to watch the big horns run their tie on the field of play. Hotspurs USA is strong enough to face the challenge.

The match starts as the center referee blew his whistle. With an amazing free kick from the semi-circle of the pitch, Rebels glamour for joy as they shortly had a goal in the net. Still on the game, Hotspurs USA mounted extra pressure on the Rebels to secure their come back in the match. Finally, the first half ended in favor of the Rebels 1-0.
The second half begins and proper coordination was noticed from both teams. Just in about five minutes of play in the second half, Hotspurs USA waved the spectators for their first goal. Rebels took the lead when its libero maneuver between four hefty defenders and landed the ball into the net the second time. Hotspurs worked really hard to be in the game. However, both sides played excellently until an outstanding move that break the camel's back threw Hotspurs USA in hullaballoo giving the Rebels another goal. With normal regulation time, the match ended 3-1 in favor of the Rebels.